In the modern world, when everyone has a PC, laptop or phone, determinant programs play an important role. Such applications are able to diagnose the device system and give the collected information to the owner. Users may need such data for various purposes, and therefore the demand for utilities with such functionality is growing. CPU-Z is a free program that will help you collect technical information about the device. Download the official version of CPU-Z for free from our website. 


The utility, despite its hard and responsible work, takes up little space in the system memory. It is compatible with Windows OS and Android. You can easily download and install the application for free on your PC, laptop, and smartphone.

CPU-Z is a lightweight, but very useful free program, the main purpose of which is to diagnose the system and collect technical information about the device. The utility is designed for both Windows and Android phones. For each OS, it is equipped with a rather large number of functions.

Windows OS

  • The program performs a complete analysis of the processor and provides the user with exceptional information about it – the name, nuclear voltage, frequency, and multiplier of the processor, etc.
  • The application analyzes RAM and tells about its type, number of channels and statistics of RAM models.
  • The utility performs diagnostics of the motherboard, giving out data on its manufacturer, model, graphical interface, etc.
  • Collecting data about the video card, its name, frequency, type.
  • Generating reports with complete information about the device system.


  • CPU research: who produced, name, core frequency.
  • Providing data about the device, its model, screen resolution, RAM, and built-in memory.
  • Analysis and processing of battery data, condition, type, temperature, and voltage.
  • Android system diagnostics. Data about the version, build number, etc.

Advantages of the program

  • small in size and intuitive for everyone;
  • the ability to use hotkeys;
  • free access to functions;
  • work on all processors and OS versions of Windows and Android.


Sooner or later, each user needs to find out full information about his device, whether it's a computer or a phone. At this point, the CPU-Z program will come to the rescue, which collects technical information about the device and provides it at the request of the owner. Download the utility for free on a PC, laptop or smartphone and find out the most complete and accurate information about these devices.